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December 28, 2012
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Flute lessons with Kiku.

You sat straight in your chair,staring at the jet black haired Japanese man.

You had asked him to teach you how to play a flute. And he agreed.

"Okai (Name)-chan. Take a deep breathe in with your mouth."Kiku instructed.

You nodded and took a deep breath.

"Ret(let) it out srowry(slowly)."

You let it out.

"good. Now,do it again except ret(let) the air out faster.

You took a deep breath as instructed and blew faster.

"Stand straight and tarr(tall). Don't srack(slack) off and rook(look) proud and pro."

You nodded and say straight in your chair,eyes looking determined and proud.

"Hai. Okai. We can go ahead and pray(play) your frute(flute)."

You were taken aback. Fruit? What does a fruit have to do with this?

"(Name)-chan. Go ahead and get the frute."

So he wasn't trying to trick you. He really did want a fruit!

"Hey Kiku. Which fruit?"

"Uhh.......That one."he motioned to your flute,but you took no notice,"But......if your saying which fruit I rike(like)'ll be an orange."

So he wanted a orange."Okay! I'll be right back!"and with that,you dashed off.

".......oh werr(well). I guess I'rr(I'll) put together her frute."

~•~•~Random time skip!~•~•~

You burst into his room again. Huffing and puffing.

"What's wrong with you? You rook(look) rike(like) Fericiano(I don't have to define this do I?) when he's done training."Kiku teased.

"K-Kiku....."you gasped."I-have--brought an-orange!"you exclaimed triumphantly,holding up the orange citrus thing.

"Why wourd(would) I need an orange for right now?"The blackette asked."You're rearning(learning) how to pray(play) the frute."

You tilted your head."Whut."

He picked up your flute and raised it a bit over his head.

There was a moment of silence before you got what just happened and literally facepalmed.

"I got a stinking fruit just because of a mishear?!"

"Hai.....I guess you did."

You slumped in your chair before Kiku had an idea.

He got the orange and put it on your head. You looked at him confused."Prease(please)........can you pray(play) something a rittle(little)?"

You nodded and went to playing position before.....


You looked up and saw Kiku with his ever-so-present camera. You instantly flushed and went to tackle him.

"Give me that camera!"

He shook his head and ran.

He turned to you and whispered some words."Aishiteru." before leaning in,making both your lips meet in contact. (e/c) eyes widening immediately before relaxing.

You then thought this can be a chance to steal the photo so you reached for the camera in his hand,but at the very last inch he brought it back and shook his head. Breaking the kiss.

"no. No. You have to treasure the moment when I actually kiss/hug/poke/ect. because of how picky I am with personal space. Not go after a simple picture."he lectured.

"Whatever! Just give me back that picture!"

Again he shook his head and ran again."You'rr(You'll) never be abre(able) to catch me for I am a ninja."
I really don't know how to teach to play the flute. I only play the flute.
I only took whut my music teacher taught me and my classmates.

So I was just playing with Angleterre(My flute' s name) and I heard Japan speaking in the English dub. Then this clicked into my mind. I hope you likely :3

None of this is mine cept for the story.
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